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This month we were lucky enough to chat with the inspiring Elise Carver, also known as Little Bantam Surf Trainer about her unique training philosophy.
We love your refreshing approach to exercise. Have you always had an interest in health and fitness or was it inspired by your coastal move?
I have always been exposed to active living from a young age thanks to my Dad. Saying that I didn’t always embrace it and went from rock climbing and roller skating to nightclubs and drinking! When I hit 20 years old I forced myself to move back down the coast to pursue a healthier way of life and as time went on I became obsessed with being fit and healthy instead of boozed and flirty!
Your Surf Training program looks great. How it differs from other forms of training?
Surf Style Training is the very opposite from Cross Fit and Boot Camp style training. Its about working with your foundations of Core Strength, Joint Stability and Postural Strength to help you build a sustainably fit and healthy body. It’s about Strength, Balance and Harmony - looking good is just a bonus!
You seem to have a very holistic and spiritual approach to exercise. Do you believe it’s important to nurture the mind as much as the body?
Yeah for sure! If you’re not in check mentally, dealing with stress and fatigue from lack of sleep, the last thing you can do is motivate yourself! If I’m tired and just CAN’T BE BOTHERED training or surfing there’s a reason why, so I take the time to figure out that reason and deal with the cause for my lack of motivation instead of trying to do the old “push through it” method.
We see you as a great role model for teenage girls who face so much pressure these days with social media to look and be a certain way. What do you think has helped you to become the strong, confident and intelligent woman you are today?
Thank you! I wasn’t born this way, in fact for a long time I had a FALSE sense of self confidence which I realised as I got older only gets you so far. I believe I became the person I am today through countless false starts, broken hearts and rejection. After all of those, I made the choice (often encouraged by my beautiful friends and family) to get back up and try again, learning a lesson from every experience! What's that cliché saying…It’s not about avoiding the fall, it’s about what you do when you get back up. At least that’s how I remember it!
And finally, could you tell us why you love Knotty Towels?
I love how light they are and how with every use and every wash they become softer and even more absorbent! It’s epic!
You can find out more about Elise's programs at and by following her Instagram @littlebantamsurftrainer

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