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Knotty Turkish Towels Brisbane

Picture laying down your beloved Turkish towel on the shores of any Brisbane beach for a holiday spent with family and friends.

Here at Knotty, we provide a beautiful collection of beach towels that are ideal for any weekend adventure. With our Turkish towels regularly spotted at beaches all over Brisbane, we guarantee you'll want to be seen with your very own Knotty towel next time you decide to travel to the coast.

When browsing our entire collection of authentic Turkish towels, enjoy receiving the addition bonus of free shipping for any purchase of 4 or more items and 15% off when using our HAPPY code.

We get great pleasure from hearing the stories of our customer's beach adventures with any of our exclusive Turkish towels. Connect with us on social media and let us come to the beach with you and your Turkish towel next time you indulge in some much-needed R and R.

Knotty Australia would love your feedback both on our products and our business. Post a review to our profile.