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Spring has sprung and there is no better time to give your home a fresh update. The new Knotty Home Collection is all you will need this Spring to add some serious style to any space.

Already having affirmed itself as a favourite among Stylists and Interior Designers, this new collection appeals to anyone ready to bring some life into their home. You’ll find luxe Lambswool Blankets, Stonewash Cotton Throws and our signature Oteki in a new design, The Arizona Bedspread.

Not only a go to on a Summer beach day, the new Knotty range can be used anywhere all year round. If you are looking to bring a little texture, warmth, and colour into your home look no further!

All you need this Spring is Knotty.

Shop the new Home Collection here

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In only a few short years, Knotty has managed to storm to the forefront of an extremely competitive market with their innovative ideas and unique take on the traditional Turkish towel.
Annika Macvean and Caren Vidler, our two Knotty Founders, have managed to take the standard Turkish towel and make it stand out from the crowd. With the new Knotty Home collection about to launch, we thought it was the perfect time to get to know a little more about this dynamic duo!

Knotty has become quite the success story in only a few years. What inspired you to begin the label in 2011?

We met through our daughters who were in a swimming squad together. I was on actually the hunt for a Christmas present for Annika….and saw Turkish towels online in the US. I was so impressed by the story of Turkish towels, lightweight, environmentally friendly and just so versatile for Australian life. We figured we'd add a splash of colour and a cute name and it would be perfect for the Australian market.

What do you consider to be your greatest achievement/s in this time?

Changing the look of Turkish towels. We designed the Superbright range two years ago and completely revitalised the original stripe design that had been around for centuries. The Superbrights and Colourblocks have added a whole new dimension to the colour and design of Turkish towels.
We are also extremely proud of our collaboration with Sportsgirl. Being approached by Sportsgirl to collaborate on the "KnottyforSportsgirl" range was very exciting. Having grown up with this iconic Australian brand, it was extremely exciting to be asked to be a part of their Australian designer collaborations series.

And finally, to create a business from the spark of an idea that gives us the flexibility to achieve a "mostly" healthy and harmonious work, family balance is very rewarding. Although between October and December 25th our families may disagree that there is a fair balance!

It seems everyone loves Knotty, why do you think they have such broad appeal?

Because they work! Knottys do what they say they will do…. they dry you after a swim, they're quick drying, compact, eco friendly and they look awesome! They are just SO versatile - One person's towel is another’s sarong or scarf. Some just love what they add to accessorising the home and they are perfect for the packing weight conscious traveller. Also in this day of social media, the way they look in photos and on children, teens, and in a beach scene - it just makes a photo!

Last Winter you introduced a beautiful woollen blanket to your Home collection. What other exciting new arrivals can we expect to see from Knotty in the next few months?

More beautiful blankets in some great new season colours like Mink and Rose Quartz, along with the expanded Oteki range including some fabulous new graphic designs and “on trend” colours for 2016/17 – Rose Quartz, Mint and Light Grey and all in both the standard size Oteki and the very popular double towel/throw size. Our favourite new product is a Woollen blanket/throw. It is in the same jacquared weave as the Oteki range but in wool. It is absolutely stunning and already in hot demand from many of our retailers around Australia!

We spot your Oteki range not only on the beach but often in the homes of Australia’s leading Interiors Bloggers and Stylists. What do you think it is that makes this range so popular? Are there plans to expand this collection?

The Oteki range is the perfect home or beach accessory making it so popular. Weather it is one of our Maxi Kilim Towels on the beach or as a throw on the coach or the end of a bed, or a Skull design gracing the powder room. We love our Oteki ranges – like all of our products they are sourced from Turkey and Knotty has exclusive rights to these products in Australia. These ranges were developed to offer a different type of Turkish Towel to the Australian market. We are continually developing new designs. Our many retailers around Australia, Asia, Dubai, New Zealand and America particularly love this style being so versatile and well priced.

In a competitive market, Knotty is at the forefront, leading the way. What do you think are the keys to your success?

Innovative ideas - taking the standard Turkish towel and making it stand out from the crowd. In 2013 we developed the Superbrights - gorgeous clash colours designed on our lounge room floor - now seen around the world - our colours taken on by everyone else!! When travelling to Turkey we can see the influence of our introduction of these colourful styles in the factories with beautiful coloured threads and productions on the weaving machines, in the washing houses and folding rooms. Now we have more than 15 Superbrights and 8 Colourblocks that will just keep changing with the seasons - Otekis have also been instrumental in building the Knotty brand. We continually develop new designs, colourways and styles.

We try to keep it simple and make sure everyday we enjoy what we do.
They say doing what you like is freedom, but liking what you do is true happiness.
To stay up to date with all our news, events, sales and new arrivals be sure to follow our Instagram @knottytowel and subscribe to our Mailing List. xx

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The Sun Gods answered our prayers as the Knotty team arrived In Sorrento to shoot our Spring/Summer Campaign. With blue skies and crystal clear waters, Photographer Nick Walters captured the carefree, beach loving, adventurous Knotty spirit perfectly!
Model, Annabel Cator, looked like the absolute babe she is and Stylist Chrissie Young added her special touch with swimwear from KissMax and a collection of hats from Lack of Color. In fact you'll see below that Nick took quite a liking to one straw number....we think it suits him to a tee!

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We discovered Suzanne, of My Fabulous Design, about a year ago when she posted a Knotty Towel on her Instagram page. Since then, she has become one of our favourite lifestyle bloggers to follow, giving us lots of style inspo for the home. To find out more about Suzanne and her unique style read on!

1. Tell us a little about how My Fabulous Design began? Have you always had an interest in design?
My Fabulous Design was born purely as a creative outlet! I have always had a huge interest in interior design and photography from a very young age, and I just love how Instagram and blogging allows me to fuse both these passions.

2. Could you give our readers a few tips on how they could incorporate some of your style into their homes?
My biggest tip would be to embrace what you love and not worry about what everyone else is doing! Your home should be a reflection of your personal style.
In my case, I love monochrome but always, always with a pop of colour! I also like having a mix of all different styles, I am forever changing things around!!

3. What trends do you see coming through this season for interiors?
I see a big movement towards more organic and natural products - especially incorporating plants within the home! 
Also, after a few seasons dominated by minimalist and modern, I foresee a reintroduction of the occasional vintage piece to add some more character and warmth into the home. 

4. What five words would you use to describe yourself
Creative, enthusiastic, loyal, kind and appreciative. 

5. And lastly, could you tell us why you love Knotty towels?
The first time I saw the Knotty star towel I knew I just had to buy it!
 I love the classic prints and how versatile all the products are. I use mine at the beach, on the lounge and even as a throw at the end of the bed! They are so beautifully made and wash up super well!

 You can follow Suzanne on her Instagram page @myfabulousdesign and her blog

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I’m often taken to the beach, pool or displayed around the home so when I found out I was heading to Europe this January I was very excited! My owner told me we were heading to London, Paris and skiing in The French Alps and I wondered what I’d be doing. Well I was busy! When I wasn’t wrapped around her neck skiing in Val D’isere, I was keeping her son warm whilst sleeping on The Eurostar or drying her freshly washed hair. She even preferred my company to those horrible airline blankets on all the plane trips. We had a wonderful trip and I’m looking forward to being taken away on the next journey!
At Melbourne airport heading to London
Keeping this sleeping beauty warm on The Eurostar
We did a little shopping in I am looking almost as cool as these new Nikes!
Taking a lunch break in The French Alps
Hanging out at The Eiffel Tower

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We were blown away when we met Dali and Finn, two teenagers with big dreams to make a difference. They’ve created a street wear brand, Nalu, based on a get/give model - when you purchase a Nalu t-shirt they give a school uniform to a child that needs one. We sat down with the oldest of the two siblings, Dali to find out more…

What inspired you to start your label, Nalu?

Nalu began out of a spontaneous desire to keep our friends in school. In 2011 Finn and I spent time in schools in hot dusty central India while our parents volunteered as chiropractors. We formed some great friends then and each year we revisit the same place. At a certain point I turned 13 and I saw something that I did not like- a lot of my friends were missing. They were no longer at school because they could not afford a school uniform. The government stops paying for it at this age. My friends were working in brick factories, in construction, farming or were pregnant…all at age 13. Strangely enough, once the child is in school, they get free food, tuition and school books. But the uniform decides if a child stays on school or not; it is THE determining factor. Our bright friends wanted to stay in school but these families are so poor that they do not even have a spare apple for the whole family in one year let alone a school uniform! We could not believe that something so affordable for us could have such a measurable impact to keep our friends in school and break the poverty cycle.

But we did not want to start a charity. We did not want to return to the children we had been helping and tell them we could no longer provide uniforms because donations had dried up. So we started Nalu as a for profit business and for every t-shirt we sell, we give a school uniform to a child who needs one.

We love fashion, creativity, travel and our friends in India. So we combined our loves and started a social enterprise.

Do you design t shirts just for kids, or is there something for adults too?
Yes, we make for men, women and children. Its really cool, simple street wear that you can see on our website
We also have trucker caps, sweaters and backpacks.

You’ve developed a great initiative for casual clothes day at schools. What does it involve?

Most schools in the western world wear a formal school uniform. But roughly 4 times per year they have what is called “casual clothes day”. Usually this day is when students wear their casual clothes and make a small donation to contribute towards a charity or a community project. We thought that when the privileged students slip out of their uniform for casual clothes day, they could purchase a Nalu t-shirt and in doing so, provide a new, correctly fitting school uniform to a child who needs one for an entire year. Kids helping kids, schools helping schools……for us this is a no brainer way to help a child less well off than us.

In five years time, what do you hope to be doing?

This is a long time question; we only have a plan up to 2 years from now but the principles remain unchangeable. We would like to keep as many children flowing into high school after age 12 as possible. We manage our giving component conservatively so we do not disappoint students over the long term - once we commit to a student, we like to know we can support that student continually through high school when they need a school uniform if they choose to continue their education.

Personally I would like study fashion and keep designing super cool street clothes for both urbanites and nature loving enthusiasts.

And finally, we would love it and be humbled to see our customers wearing our Nalu gear, knowing that they have helped keep a child in school.

And lastly Dali, which is your favourite Knotty towel?

I already have the Original in Charcoal so this would definitely come in as my favourite. All Knotty towels are natural to touch and are a perfect size for chillin’ on the beach or to use as a towel when we travel about in hot climates. Cool name Knotty because of all the little knots at the end of each towel…

You can show your support of these amazing teens by following their Instagram and Facebook page

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Our all time favourite surf photographer is Clark Little. Highly regarded worldwide, Clark discovered his ability to capture the extraordinary beauty of the shorebreak when his wife wanted a picture of the ocean to decorate the bedroom wall. With the confidence of an experienced surfer, Clark went out and bought a waterproof camera setup, jumped in the ocean, and started snapping away, recording the beauty and power of Hawaiian waves. "Clark’s view" is a unique and often dangerous perspective of waves from the inside out, captured in photos for all to enjoy from the safety of dry land.
Here's a selection of some his work but we recommend following @clarklittle on Instagram to see even more from this amazing photographer.

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One of our favourite places to visit within Australia would have to be the beautiful seaside town of Byron Bay in Northern NSW. With a coastline of amazing beaches, great restaurants and music festivals, Byron Bay has become the destination of choice for the stylish, artistic and surf obsessed.
Photographer, Sera J Wright is a Byron Bay local who captures images of the town. Here's a small selection of some of the pics you'll find on her Instagram page @photography_byron_bay

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