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In only a few short years, Knotty has managed to storm to the forefront of an extremely competitive market with their innovative ideas and unique take on the traditional Turkish towel.
Annika Macvean and Caren Vidler, our two Knotty Founders, have managed to take the standard Turkish towel and make it stand out from the crowd. With the new Knotty Home collection about to launch, we thought it was the perfect time to get to know a little more about this dynamic duo!

Knotty has become quite the success story in only a few years. What inspired you to begin the label in 2011?

We met through our daughters who were in a swimming squad together. I was on actually the hunt for a Christmas present for Annika….and saw Turkish towels online in the US. I was so impressed by the story of Turkish towels, lightweight, environmentally friendly and just so versatile for Australian life. We figured we'd add a splash of colour and a cute name and it would be perfect for the Australian market.

What do you consider to be your greatest achievement/s in this time?

Changing the look of Turkish towels. We designed the Superbright range two years ago and completely revitalised the original stripe design that had been around for centuries. The Superbrights and Colourblocks have added a whole new dimension to the colour and design of Turkish towels.
We are also extremely proud of our collaboration with Sportsgirl. Being approached by Sportsgirl to collaborate on the "KnottyforSportsgirl" range was very exciting. Having grown up with this iconic Australian brand, it was extremely exciting to be asked to be a part of their Australian designer collaborations series.

And finally, to create a business from the spark of an idea that gives us the flexibility to achieve a "mostly" healthy and harmonious work, family balance is very rewarding. Although between October and December 25th our families may disagree that there is a fair balance!

It seems everyone loves Knotty, why do you think they have such broad appeal?

Because they work! Knottys do what they say they will do…. they dry you after a swim, they're quick drying, compact, eco friendly and they look awesome! They are just SO versatile - One person's towel is another’s sarong or scarf. Some just love what they add to accessorising the home and they are perfect for the packing weight conscious traveller. Also in this day of social media, the way they look in photos and on children, teens, and in a beach scene - it just makes a photo!

Last Winter you introduced a beautiful woollen blanket to your Home collection. What other exciting new arrivals can we expect to see from Knotty in the next few months?

More beautiful blankets in some great new season colours like Mink and Rose Quartz, along with the expanded Oteki range including some fabulous new graphic designs and “on trend” colours for 2016/17 – Rose Quartz, Mint and Light Grey and all in both the standard size Oteki and the very popular double towel/throw size. Our favourite new product is a Woollen blanket/throw. It is in the same jacquared weave as the Oteki range but in wool. It is absolutely stunning and already in hot demand from many of our retailers around Australia!

We spot your Oteki range not only on the beach but often in the homes of Australia’s leading Interiors Bloggers and Stylists. What do you think it is that makes this range so popular? Are there plans to expand this collection?

The Oteki range is the perfect home or beach accessory making it so popular. Weather it is one of our Maxi Kilim Towels on the beach or as a throw on the coach or the end of a bed, or a Skull design gracing the powder room. We love our Oteki ranges – like all of our products they are sourced from Turkey and Knotty has exclusive rights to these products in Australia. These ranges were developed to offer a different type of Turkish Towel to the Australian market. We are continually developing new designs. Our many retailers around Australia, Asia, Dubai, New Zealand and America particularly love this style being so versatile and well priced.

In a competitive market, Knotty is at the forefront, leading the way. What do you think are the keys to your success?

Innovative ideas - taking the standard Turkish towel and making it stand out from the crowd. In 2013 we developed the Superbrights - gorgeous clash colours designed on our lounge room floor - now seen around the world - our colours taken on by everyone else!! When travelling to Turkey we can see the influence of our introduction of these colourful styles in the factories with beautiful coloured threads and productions on the weaving machines, in the washing houses and folding rooms. Now we have more than 15 Superbrights and 8 Colourblocks that will just keep changing with the seasons - Otekis have also been instrumental in building the Knotty brand. We continually develop new designs, colourways and styles.

We try to keep it simple and make sure everyday we enjoy what we do.
They say doing what you like is freedom, but liking what you do is true happiness.
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  • Jun 26, 2016

    Gorgeous blog interview ladies xxx

    — Kate Hocking

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