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You may recognise Chloe Ireland as the always smiling beach goer often featured on our Instagram. Whilst we know Chloe loves the beach, we thought it would be great to find out more about this Knotty Ambassador…
We see lots of pics of you having a great time at the beach. Where do you call home?
Home for me is Wellington Point which is on the bay in Queensland (it’s very pretty, and we are very lucky) but I spend a lot of my time playing on the northern beaches of NSW. But honestly, home is wherever my family is…
Aside from being a Knotty Ambassador, how else do you spend your time?
I love hanging out with beautiful people… my family and friends, I am a swimmer so I spend a lot of my time in the water (often in the holidays I am in the water more than on land during the day), I love SUPing and surfing, floating in the sea, watching the clouds and love going on adventures.
You seem to be a very positive, happy soul. Can you describe yourself in five words?
Vibrant, Adventurous, Grateful, Kind, Fun
Where would you like to be in ten years time?
I would like to be doing what I love… maybe starting up my own swimwear company, achieving my sporting dreams, being healthy, inspiring and I would like to be somewhere with someone I love and most importantly be H A P P Y !
And of course, we couldn't not ask....what do you love about Knotty towels?
What is there not to love?! I love the beautiful patterns and vibrant, happy colours … they are always at the top of my list in summer for the beach or pool because they dry so fast, are light and are so versatile… sometimes I use them as a bag, a picnic towel, a blanket, they are amazing! And I can’t not mention how cute they are as well ☺


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"Good Vibrations" captures all the action on our Knotty Towels Summer 2015 Campaign Shoot with Steph Claire Smith. Shot on location in bayside Melbourne, we hope you enjoy watching this film as much as we enjoyed making it! 
A special thanks to the following brands for their involvement: Spell Designs, Lack of Color, Sticks and Sparrow Eyewear, Kissmax 2013, Kitte Accoutrement, Reclaimed Furniture Design, Say It With Flowers and Organic Avenue Australia.
Credits: Creative Direction/Styling - Chrissie Young, Photography - Nick Walters, Videography - Savant Garde Productions, Hair & Makeup - Megan Everett

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